Phantom Winter – Cvlt ALBUM REVIEW

Slow, dark, punishing, heavy. That’s pretty much all I need to sum up this album, but I’ll type more because I like reading my own words. The atmosphere is like a dark wall of sound and punishment. The album is a little long, but nonetheless there is just enough variety and tension building that it’s ok to listen to. There is however one little problem. For the first time, I feel like I listened to an album that was a generic epic atmo-sludge album. I didn’t even know epic atmo-sludge was a trope, but it feels like this album fits the bill of it. The sweeping fuzz drones of the guitar, the tension building, the vocals that seem more like just yelling than actually singing. It’s good music and all, but I feel like I’ve heard this before. The spoken word samples also completely detract from the atmosphere of the album, and seem a bit cheesy. So yeah, this is a good album, but at it’s core it’s really nothing special, just good atmo sludge. Nothing wrong with that obviously, just not something I say a lot, and not something that’s going to get an amazing score.


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