Outre – Ghost Chants ALBUM REVIEW

Very similar to Ahklys – The Dreaming I, this album is almost entirely atmosphere focused. And boy does it do a good job. The atmosphere here is at the same time relentless and abrasive, but also strangely ominous. It’s like you’re being attacked Mothra, but you know that Godzilla is still lurking, ready to strike. It’s like like what you’re hearing is terrifying, but you realize that it’s only a fraction of the horror that is to come. The best example of this is on the fourth “chant”, in which there is a section where Outre is just slamming atonal chords at you. It’s very in your face while simultaneously not being so. The tension is there, but is never resolved, which is actually one of the problems of Ghost Chants. You feel like something is lurking, but it never comes out, making the listener feel strangely safe at the end, which I am sure is not the intention of this album. There is also a distinct lack of variety. Every song feels like it’s in the same key, and has the same focus. The saving grace is that while lacking in variety, this album makes up for in pure, extremely well done monotony. That seems like an oxymoron, but let me put it this way. Even though too much of a good thing is a legitimate problem, I still wouldn’t say no to having sex with Taylor Swift 100 times. Ghost Chants is very much in the upper echelon of black metal albums this year, and while it suffers from many of the same problems the aforementioned Ahklys does, I feels as though it does it’s one trick pony better than Dreaming I, so I rank it as higher.


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