Orden Ogan – Ravenhead ALBUM REVIEW

First off, a moment of silence for the massive back problems the zombie girl on the cover is going to have later in life. Moving on, I wasn’t sure what to expect of this album. As I made my way around the music scene, I had either heard that this album was fantastic (mostly by power metal fanboys) or that this album was extremely awful (mostly by people who hate power metal). Considering I’m more with the not liking power metal crowd, I assumed this would be shit. To my pleasant surprise, this was indeed not shit, and actually quite enjoyable. One of the key aspects of this album is the fact that every song sounded different in some way. Power metal has a habit of making everyone song sound similar, and this avoided that by having lots of different style of tracks, from straight power metal to just plain folk tracks, and different instrumentation. But probably the biggest contributor to this is the extremely catchy choruses and melodies. That in itself is probably what separates the tracks the most, you can identify each one with it’s own separate theme, something I think all power metal should have to some extent.

Of course this is the section where I say bad things about the album, and I do indeed have bad things to say about this album. I made a comment in another review about how I hate mindless chugging to fill space. And while this doesn’t have that to an extreme degree, tracks suck as “The Lake” are almost entirely chugging (there are a few like that on this album) and that ruins the entire song. Also there’s always going to be a limit to how far catchy can take an album, and this is approaching that limit.

Still, it has that fun factor to it that I always love in power metal, so while it may not be AOTY material, it’s certainly something I would definitely not mind popping in again if I’m in the mood for it.


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