Ninkharsag – The Blood of Celestial Kings ALBUM REVIEW

Black metal with chord progressions that are beautiful but also not forced? Heresy I say. At least usually, but not in this album (why else would I mention it otherwise, right?). That’s what instantly struck me when i first listened to this. I actually felt somewhat moved by the opening track’s use of 7ths without abusing them to give cheap feels. The vocals are on the good side of standard for black metal vocals, but the real kicker in this album is the interesting use of bass. As in, you can actual hear it and it sounds good. Black metal? Bass? What a concept! The reason for the lack of textwall here is the short run time of the album (31 minutes) and length of tracks (longest track is 6 minutes, with most tracks half that length) and the fact that this is another one of those albums that consummates it’s goals well, but does nothing extra special to give it that next level boost. I really want to give this an 8 just so I can give it that official seal of approval that I arbitrarily set for myself. At the same time I don’t think it quite deserves that rating. I might change this as the year goes on (probably not though, I’m lazy like that) but for right now, we’ll give it a theoretical 7.9 and call it good.

Also that’s a pretty damn cool cover, I feel like I have to mention that whenever it’s possible for an album.


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