Moonspell – Extinct

It’s not really the sound that’s the problem with this album, at least not inherently so. It’s pretty easy to digest, but is has some elements to appeal to a more extreme crowd. There isn’t inherently anything wrong with that, as long as you are honest in how you’re marketing yourself. This is not honest. And really as well as the sound, it’s the cover that makes it that way. The sound itself is, as I said before, trying to appeal to two different groups, those who like extreme metal, and those who don’t. Actually I could add a third, those who listen to metal because they want to appear edgy. That’s actually probably the main group this is after. And the cover only accentuates this. The band name is in a smooth, innocent font, while the album title is in some pseudo edgy font. But the worst is the hilariously bad kinda gory women on the front, which I can only interpret as trying to look tough without actually offending anyone. The entire aesthetic of this album is garbage, and it’s rating suffers so because I don’t think you can separate music from the background to it. Corrupted’s Paso Inferior would be an awful album if it wasn’t a musical representation of life after the Hiroshima bombings. The first Bathory album isn’t nearly as good unless you recognize that it was one of the first of it’s kind. This would probably be close to a 7 if it was honest about what kind of music it is, but as it stands I can only see it as metal aimed at hot topic kids, trying to be passed of as something edgy and dark.


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