Lustre – Blossom ALBUM REVIEW

One of these days I’ll learn that when you see the tags “Atmospheric Black Metal” and “Ambient”, that doesn’t mean it’s going to sound like Burzum, it’s going to be bad, new age synths with just enough metal aspects (there are technically guitars and drums in it to call it metal, and because it’s in a minor key, it has to be black metal, right?). Anyway, yeah this is shit. The entire album is just poorly made up synth melody lines with ambient drones in the background with drums, and if you listen closely enough, you’ll occasionally a hear a guitar and what I think are some rough vocal screams, but I wasn’t quite sure. The tracks are labeled Part 1-4 but nothing about this is a continuation of any of the other tracks, other than the fact that they sound basically identical to each other (every song but the last one is in the same key). I would think that creativity would be a prerequisite for being a musical artist, but time and time again I’m proven wrong, and it’s rather unfortunate.


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