Lucifer’s Child – The Wiccan ALBUM REVIEW

In keeping with the Greek melodic black metal tradition, the majority of this album is comprised of stale riffs and production. The steady rock beats give an almost happy vibe which, combined with the harsh vocals and the fact that it’s black metal, creates a uncanny valley effect on the music. It doesn’t feel like black metal, but it is. Sort of like the reverse of what a clown is; supposed to be funny, ends up being creepy. This is supposed to be funny and ends up sounding like trailer trash black metal, if that is even a thing.

And then the Lucifer’s Child grew up and created two amazing closing tracks. Both delve deep into doom metal, the last track, aptly named “Doom” actually ends up being more doom metal than black metal altogether. Both start innocently enough and then expand into emotionally driven epic tracks. The final ascension to the apex of the last track, with the continually rising pitch of the lead guitar to go along with the almost post-rock driven background storm of sound, made me honestly think I was listening to a different album. What the fuck happened to that mediocre melo black band I was listening to just 10 minutes ago, and why are they so radical?

Unfortunately, batting .200 isn’t going to get you a good score, but it will save The Wiccan from being labeled by me as a bland album. Instead I will name it simply a whole bag of nothing and then some missed potential.


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