Lucian the Wolfbearer – Paradise ALBUM REVIEW

It’s really quite a shame. This album has so many great ideas, and they’re all executed on at least a superficially good level. The problem is that when put together they’re all really disjointed and end up making an album that’s overall very confused and lost. The first part of the album is a great marriage between space ambient and doom metal, which got my hopes up for the rest of the album. However the next two tracks are basically one giant space ambient track with some metal elements in it. To make things even more disjointed, the final track is a stoner doom track with a random space ambient section in it. The vocals aren’t even consistent, with the first 4 tracks having guttural vocals, and the last track have clean vocals. It’s not as if anything on this album sounds bad, it’s just that it’s A. completely disjointed from one another, and B. not executed in an interesting way. I think if the entire album had been like the first two tracks, this would’ve been a much better album, probably a 3.5/5. Hopefully this band sticks to one idea in their next album, because they have a lot of potential.


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