Infernal War – Axiom ALBUM REVIEW

You know, typically I’ll say that an album’s songs sound the same, and I mean it as hyperbole. There’s usually at least some variation in the album that makes it so that they don’t literally all sound the same. This album does not have that. When i say they all sound the same, I mean it. Every single track except the third and 11th track are in the exact same key. Every single song but one starts approximately the same way. I guess technically you could say it’s still hyperbole because literally speaking they aren’t the same, but practically in every manner that matters, they’re all the same. But I saw the high reviews, so I tried to look at it from the perspective of people who are giving this high scores. I figured maybe it was the atmosphere, which is usually the saving grave for albums with samey tracks. This is music that you’re supposed to go to war to, music that will pump you up and anger you. But even looking at it from that perspective, it’s extremely boring. Unless I literally am a brainless zombie who will headbang to anything with a strong beat, I’m going to listen to this and get tired of it after the first track. Even in music like this, you need at least some sort of variation to keep your audience interested, which this doesn’t have. This is mindless music in the least flattering way possible, as in you need to literally not have a mind to enjoy it.


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