Helde – Suaren Gerizpea ALBUM REVIEW

I listened to this completely on whim, and I think I found the best straight-up black metal album of the year. This album hits like a truck, and doesn’t sacrifice any  This is entirely due to A. the deeper tone of the guitar, which leads to a much heavier feeling album, while still retaining that black metal coldness. B. The fantastic production job. It’s very clean, which is normally a sin in black metal, but it very much allows the heavier guitar tone to be pronounced, instead of a worse production which would make it sound fuzzy and soft. And finally, the most important aspect of this album is the vocals. They are absolutely not traditional black metal vocals, instead being almost metalcore-like screaming. They lyrics are completely unintelligible, even more so than most other black metal lyrics. And that’s if there even are lyrics, it honestly just sounds like screaming. However I feel that that’s a good thing. I can count the number of times I’ve heard black metal lyrics that were impactful on one hand, so cutting out the middle man isn’t a bad at all. The deeper tone of both the vocals and the guitar tone make this album so much more strong than how soft black metal records often are. This is a very unique black metal record, in albeit a subtle way. Definitely worth checking out. Here’s a link to their bandcamp, totally free album.


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