Hagl – Lenket til livet ALBUM REVIEW

Ok, so picture this: black metal, with no blast beats. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Ok, how about instead of that, we have generic, slow moving rock beats? Sounds a bit worse, right? How about to top it all off, black metal with no blast beats (until the very last track), and nothing else that resembles black metal except for vocals that sound like a hobo with laryngitis screaming schizophrenic nothings into the mic? And then have nothing else interesting about the album whatsoever? Sounds like shit right? Well you’d be right, it’s certainly pretty shit. Though honestly, shit might be a bit harsh. There certainly isn’t anything interesting whatsoever about this album, but to say it’s shit is to imply that there are faults other than that. Which there honestly aren’t. So we’ll describe it as almost shit and call it good. Also to note, I’ve written 12780 words about metal albums this year. For reference, I’ve written about 8000 words for school this entire year. Send help.


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