Gorgoroth – Instinctus Bestialis ALBUM REVIEW

So, it’s time for a heavy dose of really unpopular opinions. I went back and listened to some early Gorgoroth to confirm my opinions, and they hold true. This is better than their early work. Early Gorgoroth sounds like the average 90s black metal demo. And not even the good kind of average, just the average kind of average, if that makes sense. Instinctus Bestialis, while very much sounding like nuclear blast-core, still has a somewhat unique sound, even if it’s obviously aimed more at the general public. The downtuned, death metal guitar tone sounds interesting in a black metal album, and even though I’m not so much a fan of melodic black metal, the melodies here are pretty rad if I do say so myself. It feels sort of like dark blackened power metal, which i guess is how you could describe a lot of melo black, but this doesn’t sound like edgy blind guardian, so it’s ok here. Most of Gorgoroth’s albums are quite short, which is a blessing here, because although Instinctus is generally nice to listen to, I’m not sure if I could listen to this for 48 minutes or so. The only reason this doesn’t get a rating into the 7 realm is because the last few tracks feel a bit phoned it. They aren’t really as melodic and riff based as the rest of the album, and it feels like they ran out of ideas and just wanted to fill time. Instinctus also has quite a bit of chug action going on, though for the most part it’s supplemented by riffs and melody. So while yes, it’s pretty obvious that this is a desperate attempt at an old band trying to stay relevant, their old work wasn’t that great anyway, and I feel like this strangely enough has more imagination than what they’ve done in the past.

Also I can’t be the only one who reads the title as “insectus” because the angels on the front look like locusts or something right? It’s like they’re all flocking around some sort of light source like bugs tend to do. Sort of like how haters flock to new album by an old band to hate on it. Happens every time, good album or not.


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