General Grievous – Oppression ALBUM REVIEW

I will admit, I am extremely guilty of judging a album by it’s cover, or at least, downloading it because of said cover. This actually didn’t meet any of my super secret album review criteria, but I couldn’t resist a sludge record that had fucking General Grievous on both the cover and name. It was just too tempting. I became alarmed however, when I saw the extremely low rating on RYM. So I immediately thought “oh, this is probably gimmick star wars metal, just perfect”. However I decided to review anyway, if anything so maybe I could write a funny review about how star wards is overrated as hell or something.

I was pleasantly surprised when in fact there was nothing about star wars on this EP (except for maybe the track titles, I’m not sure if those are star wars references or not). And once more, I actually was enjoying how Oppression was starting out. And then the vocals kicked in. Oh jesus christ those vocals. Normally incoherent screaming is perfectly fine in metal, but this sounded like the guy had no vocal training whatsoever. It doesn’t help that the recording quality on the vocals isn’t the best either. The sad part is, other than that, despite the first two tracks being nothing special, as the EP went I realized that there are really 8/10 instrumentals. There are some fantastic moments hidden withing this if you can just get used to being assaulted with what sounds like a 15 year old trying death metal singing. The solo on Povsednevnost has fantastic arpeggiation, the downtuned guitars sound fantastic, the riff along with the tremelo on Greshnoe Remeslo is great, and the chugging of the major chord on Incest brings a triumphant end to an album that is all about soul crushing sludge. This really is an EP you can headbang to with ease.

But again… the vocals. It’s just so hard to overlook how bad they are. And in the end, I can’t give this a higher score because of how much they bring an otherwise really solid work down. I don’t think this deserves a sub-2.5 rating on this site, but I can easily see why people wouldn’t give this a proper chance after the first track.


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