Forgotten Horror – Aeon of the Shadow Goddess ALBUM REVIEW

Whoever labeled this as thrash metal needs to learn how to identify music. This is absolutely melodic in every aspect, to the point where it’s actually a bit disturbing as to how someone could make that mistake. Anyway, this is the definition of just above average. The large majority of the album is entirely forgettable, but it does have just enough brief cool moments, moments where the notes sync up just right, where they play just the right chord at the right time, to where at the end you think “I don’t regret listening to that”. I certainly wouldn’t call it above average, but calling it at the high point of average would be pretty accurate. I will say I got a bit tired of the choir synths. At first it was kinda cool, then I couldn’t help but think it was going a bit overboard, especially with how often they were implemented. Not recommended, but I certainly wouldn’t desperately try to desperately beg you not to listen to this.


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