Entrails – Obliteration ALBUM REIVEW

Can there just be a movement to end all references to chopin’s funeral march in metal tracks? Or in pretty much anything ever? It’s played out as fuck, and doesn’t make you look any more sophisticated or cultured. Everyone knows that song. Most people even know it’s by chopin. It’s corny and makes me groan every time I hear it. Please stop. Other than that, there isn’t really anything special about this album. Obliteration feels the exact opposite of such, being quite soft and tame. The drumming is some of the most boring I’ve ever heard. The fact that i can even comment on that is saying quite a lot. The album feels really generic, but not in the good “does everything right but nothing special” way. This does nothing right and even manages to do quite a few things wrong. Bland album, definitely would not recommend.


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