Enforcer – From Beyond ALBUM REVIEW

You know what’s good? Fun. Fun is good. We need more fun in this world. This album is fun. This is the kinda metal that you know, doesn’t make a profound artistic statement, it doesn’t wow you with any kind of darkness or evil anything like a lot of metal does. This album is, as I would call it in laymen’s terms, “good shit”. It’s fun shit. It doesn’t take itself to seriously and gives you exactly what you want in what it’s supposed to give, which is lots of headbanging, nice riffs, and vocals that sound just a tad bit silly, but have that “totally awesome” nostalgic vibe to them. It has plenty of highlights, though none of the tracks are really bad at all. From Beyond, Below The Slumber, and Farewell are the mostly exceptional tracks, but again, nothing on this album is bad. The only reason this doesn’t have a higher rating is that it’s in a genre that really has a hard time getting above a certain level. You can only rate music that’s just fun so high. Not that there isn’t a place for it, but it’s really hard to see this album, compare it to say, the new Enslaved, and say that they’re on the same level. While yes, they’re two entirely different things, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that fun only goes so far before true artistic merit eventually triumphs. Still, I don’t think an 8/10 a knock on this album as more as it is a acknowledgement of it’s obvious limitations. But still, like I said in the beginning, fun is good. This album is good. We need more like this album, even if more serious albums are always going to get the leg up. Kinda like how comedies never get oscars, but dammit if there isn’t an important place for them in movie culture.


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