Drudkh – Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short) ALBUM REVIEW

This has to be one of the dullest, most uninspired major albums of this year. There was a lot of hype for A Furrow Cut Short, as Drudkh is a massive band with a major following. Despite the less than amazing score, I had heard many great reviews for this, so I expected something at least somewhat good. Nothing. There is absolutely nothing about this album that entertains me.

There is good news however. The production and sound quality is phenomenal, definitely the best part of the album. A typical problem with well produced metal is that it sounds too clean, or too plastic. This manages to sound great while avoiding both of those problems. It’s professional while still keeping the black metal aesthetic. The problem lies with the actual harmonics. What I’ve heard others refer to as “heart-wrenching melodies” is really just one of the things I hate the most in music: the abuse of 7th chords. This is a cheap and easy way to make people feel, and it sounds especially bad when there is a lack of anything else around it. And there really is a lack of anything else in this album. There are no riffs or melodies that are at the very least worthy of nodding your heard to. The guitar tones I would even say are a bit grungy at times, which certainly doesn’t help. I say his again, but there really just isn’t anything here worth talking about, it’s just a bland album all around. Typically I have an outro but I think I’m just going to end it here, because I really can’t stretch this out anymore. I hope one day cheap feels don’t work on the populace in music, but I have my doubts.


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