Distillator – Revolutionary Cells ALBUM REVIEW

I feel sorry for the lead singer of this band. Apparently he never became a man, and his voice still cracks to this very day, often very dramatically. Either that or they got a very convincing 12 year old to sing on this album. The good news is that when there isn’t any vocals, this album is actually not only tolerable, but quite good. Unfortunately, every time I hear an emphatic high note, my ears hurt and I lose my will to listen to this album. It doesn’t help that there aren’t really any amazing riffs in this record to look for. Eventually I had to stop, as I was getting a headache from listening to SHRILLS, every single time he SINGS. IT is really amazing that I WITHSTOOD this punishment for this LONG (basically, this is what the album is like if you didn’t catch on). Even vocals aside, this isn’t amazing thrash, I’d much rather listen to Hidden Evolution than this.


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