Disarmonia Mundi – Cold Inferno ALBUM REVIEW

This album really is a shame, because it certainly has some things going for it. When Disarmonia focuses on solos and riffs, it sounds incredible, and the sounds seems to flow into each other naturally. And then the rest of the album is akin to taking a perfectly pretty, if slightly bruised, rose, and then just taking a giant shit on it. Like, a massive diarrhea shit all over the thing. To the point where it’s more shit than rose. This comes through implementing everything that is bad about deathcore into one album. Pointless and disgusting chugging? Check. Vocals that remind me of the newest teen hit rock band, combined with death vocals that sounds more like nu metal than anything else? Check. Somehow trying to make this sound all flowery and pretty while appealing simultaneously being edgy while doing niether remotely well? Check double check. I would even go as to say that Cold Inferno is ugly because of how not ugly it is, it seems way too clean when it shouldn’t be. It’s such a shame, because when this album is good, it’s GOOD. This is some of the best solo work I’ve heard this year. Well thought out, has flair without being wanky, and focuses more on melody than just “how many notes can I play in 10 seconds?”. There are some solo moments that actually gave me the chills here, which is typically the instant greenlight to a 7 or higher. However Disarmonia Mundi seems to hate themselves or something, because they were intent on making sure anything good they do is ruined. I still can’t give this a majorly low score however, because like I said it does have good moments, but the bad outweigh the good in an album that seems to make sure that ratio stays that way.


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