Damnation Angels – The Valiant Fire ALBUM REVIEW

You know, it’s been a while since I listened to a good power metal album. Not because I inherently think a lot of power metal is bad, just because I don’t listen to power metal a lot, which I’m going to try to rectify in the coming months. I finally listened to the new Blind Guardian album (which wasn’t great, but not bad either), and I have some other power metal albums in my backlog to get to. So I saw this album as something I REALLY wanted to like. It had a high rating, and just few enough ratings that at the moment I could put it on my obscure albums list I’m working on. I actually managed to convince myself that the first track was good. And then when the second track was more of the same, I started noticing some not so great things about this album. The vocals were more alt metal like than anything else, which isn’t necessarily bad, I did like Periphery’s new album, but in this case it didn’t really feel right. So I got about 5 tracks into it. Then I finally had to admit what I didn’t want to admit: this is a bad album. A VERY bad album. Why? Because this is the worst kind of power metal. Power Metal that takes itself very seriously. Worse yet, it’s power metal that takes itself seriously, and then executes it EXTREMELY poorly. Every track is an attempt to be epic, but in the most shallow way possible.

“Hey guys, I want to make really deep and epic music, but I don’t actually know anything about music. What do I do?”

“Just add a symphony orchestra. Everyone knows that if you add an orchestra in a metal track, it’s ‘epic’ and ‘progressive’ and ‘deep’. ”

“Sounds good. Hey, how about I add a saxophone in this track, but it only plays like, a few notes in the entire song, and only at the very end?”

“Sounds ok, but why are you adding it?”

“Idunno, it sounds sophisticated, lol”

Unless you’re the kind of person who thinks the Lord of the Rings soundtrack is classical music, don’t bother with this album.


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