Dalla Nebbia – Felix Culpa ALBUM REVIEW

I’ve heard two albums labeled progressive black metal this year, and neither have been exactly good. One of which I didn’t even review because A. I had nothing to say about it other than “it’s bad” and B. because it was part of a series of poorly executed concept EPs, and I thought reviewing just one of them would seem awkward and not useful. What is useful however, is in fact that previous word; awkward. Awkward describes Felix Culpa perfectly. It’s full of technically correct phrases that either seem emotionless, or don’t quite fit the music. I’d even go so far as to say it sounds like this was written by some sort of robot. The chord progressions are extremely static and lifeless, with little sense of progression for being progressive black metal. There are melodic moments that are ok, but nothing here stands out as anything other than pretty good. Then there are those moments of just plain bad. For instance, on the 5th track, there is this “atonal” guitar riffing in the background that not only contrasts badly with the tonal music, but sounds more like the person playing just doesn’t know how to play guitar. And then the midi bassoon (?) sample that sounds like it was being played way below the instruments actual register.

This feels like a very small project band recorded something at their home, but tried to make it sound as professional as possible while still making it sound like shit. I sense a lot of potential here, but for this most part this album is proof that small and inexperienced bands should start small before attempting large projects. Otherwise you’ll get something that sounds way out of your musical league.


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