Castrensis – Hierarchies ALBUM REVIEW

Brutal death is not a genre I typically listen to. Pig squeal vocals and little variety between songs is not something I really want to take in on a regular basis. However this album has a saving grace to it: it’s only 21 minutes long. That may seem insulting that the best feature of this album is it’s short length, however I would argue that it is an immense strength. It makes it so that you don’t get overly tired with the repetitive nature of the album, and can fully appreciate everything it has to offer without expending too much of your time. It’s said that the human attention span is roughly around 20 minutes, then people start to tune things out and not remember aspects of what they heard. This just fits in that, so I’d say that it does a good job giving you a short and sweet album that gets it’s message across without the chance for you to forget about it.


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