Blaze of Perdition – Near Death Revelations ALBUM REVIEW

As the whole “caverncore” craze has been sweeping the metal world, a similar trend in black metal has been the swirling chaos storms, a la Deathspell Omega. This album does share a lot of similarities with that band in that it feels like you’re going through a hurricane of sound with little break. And also like DSO is the awesome quality of the riffs, something which everyone says black metal is about, but rarely ever is that the case. There are especially great moments in the “background solos”, that is, extremely technical solo runs over the wall of sound. This is especially realized in When Mirrors Shatter, the third track on the record. The contrast between the seemingly mindless screams and the abrasive guitar riffs, and the simultaneously thoughtless yet equally thoughtful and technical runs are quite stunning to hear.

However the same thing that makes the album great, also makes it not so great. There really is a lack of variety here. After a while it feels like you’re listening to incredibly similar songs with little differences to make it a more manageable listen. That isn’t totally a bad thing however. Near Death Revelations is one of the rare albums that feels extremely long but in a good way. Makes you feel willfully overwhelmed in darkness. And those little differences do in fact make a difference, if not as much as they should.

Near Death Revelations feels long and dark, if a bit tedious to get through at times. I wouldn’t call it a journey as much as an experience worth having. If I were to summarize it in a few words, they’d be tonal DSO (albeit with no serialist music bits). Definitely one of the best black metal albums this year. Just wish there was a bit more to it than it’s face value.


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