Biały Viteź – Odejść by Wiecznie Żyć ALBUM REVIEW

What’s this? Folk metal that actually utilizes folks instrumentals and influences to the max? Sign me up! Folk metal has so much potential to be botched, and it typically is, but these guys from Poland do an excellent job or utilizing folk instruments throughout the entire album and blended into the metal.

It’s pretty hard to review this album because honestly there’s just one reason why it’s good, and that’s the amazing use of folks instruments. The performances are high quality and authentic, the use is constant so it doesn’t feel chopped up into sections always, and even the metal almost feels like a modern folk song because of influences they use. And while the rest of the album is also pretty good, though I could’ve used without a lot of the synths and that metronome sound at the end of the 9th track, nothing compares to when they fire up the mandolin and flutes.

I’m pretty surprised at how little known this band is, given how many albums they’ve put out and the quality of their work. The people who have rated them have generally given high ratings too. Hopefully this band will be discovered someday and get popular, because they really deserve it.


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