Bell Witch – Four Phantoms ALBUM REVIEW

This is probably the most single frustrating album I’ve listened to this year. Because I want to love this. I want to give this a least a 9 and proclaim how great the soundscape of this album is, how it’s droning and trudging on crushes all the hope out of you. But I can’t, because honestly, despite how much I tried to like this, and how much I tried to understand this, I got bored. This is almost a 70 minute album. I can only listen to an album basically in stasis for so long. To be perfectly honest, I still don’t fully know how I should rate this. Is this really just a boring album, or do I just not get it? At some point I’ll probably revisit this, but for now, the rating will suffice. I still encourage people to listen to this, as it has a lot of really good things about it, and maybe others will get it and love it, but for me, I can’t help but feel like I could’ve listened to just the first track of this album and still gotten everything I needed out of it.


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