Basarabian Hills – Enveloped in the Velvet Cloak of Midnight ALBUM REVIEW

This is not metal. I don’t mean that in the “not trve” way, but I mean that in the “there’s not a single guitar in this album” way. The only metal like thing about this is the computer generated drums, which, if that counts as metal, I guess any hip-hop album is metal too. But that’s not actually why it gets that low of a rating. It gets a 1/10 not because it’s Dungeon Synth, but because it’s really BAD dungeon synth. Every track in this album uses the same instrumentation, with the same synth organ (?) which plays a melody that sounds like it was made by a business major taking Intro to Composition. The absolute worst part is that there are two 9 minute tracks, and an 11 minute track in this album, so even though the album is only 34 minutes, you have to listen to one extremely bad idea for a long time. Of course, that is if you actually listen to the entire track, which I don’t recommend at any level. Advice to future musicians out there: if you want to make metal, get a band together, don’t take to your computer, it’ll only end up in miserable music.


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