Ankou Awaits – Sobrwydd a Disgyblaeth ALBUM REVIEW

Full-disclosure, I only listened to about 4 minutes of this 50 minute album. And there’s a good reason for that. There are a lot of things I could describe this album with, but really there’s just one word that describes this perfectly: shit. This album, is shit. Normally when people say an album is shit it just means it’s an album they really really don’t like. No, what I mean when I say this album is shit, is that it’s literally the personification of a piece of poop. It’s as if the band members are actually anthropomorphic turds that just came out of the rectum and are learning to play their instruments for the first time. The only reason this isn’t a 0 is because there were some brief moments where it did in fact sound like there was some form of musicianship in here. But even when it’s there, it’s hard to hear because the production is so god awful. The one good thing about that is that you can barely hear the vocalist, which is good because he’s actually the worst thing about this album. To go along with the shit theme, the personified shit vocalist speaks in his mother tongue of turdanese, the language of the turd people. By which I mean it’s just moaning as if he’s taking a shit. Which is actually a more enjoyable activity than listening to this record.


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