Anfinnsaas – Anfinnsaas ALBUM REVIEW

This is probably the single hardest album I’ve ever had to rate. I could put this anywhere from 7/10 – 10/10. My gut instinct tells me this is the album of the year, but another side says this is just pretty good. Going over what this album actually is, Anfinnsaas has created an atonal riff-based atmo sludge record with lots of djent influences in it and one of the worst/best production jobs I’ve ever heard. It’s like if Gorguts formed an atmo sludge band in their garage. Aside from that analogy it’s hard to really describe what kind of music this is. As you can see by my tags, this is really all over the place in terms of style. It’s one of those things you need to hear in order to really understand.

To attempt to start off this review, the most obvious aspect of this album that’s easy for anyone to hear is that the production job is a piece of trash. Straight up probably the worst production job I’ve heard this year. As I stated earlier, it sounds like someone recorded this in their garage, and considering this band is composed of just two guys from Norway, they probably did. However in it’s atrociousness, there is beauty. I imagine that these are two teenage musical savants, crafting a work of genius with just two instruments and the cheapest equipment they could barely afford with their allowance. It adds a sense of mystique to the whole atmosphere.

And that atmosphere is one of confusion. This record is extremely melodic and riff based while being almost entirely atonal. I almost wanted to label this progressive metal, because there is a clear sense of progression and method to the seeming madness of this record. It feels disorienting, yet awes inspiring. It’s like being transported to a different dimension, where everything is not what it seems and Jeff Dunham is funny. This is the kind of record I’d want to put on to meet god. However in this scenario, when you meet god he stays silent, instead spilling his knowledge unto you in a form of twisted illusions you don’t understand, rather than words.

It’s truly surreal, and that’s entirely done by two main elements of this album. One is as I mentioned before, the dissonance. Heavy use of dissonance creates the disorienting feel that Anfinnsaas creates. The other which I haven’t mentioned, is the heavy use of poly-rhythm. This goes into the whole djent aspect. There is a lot of off rhythm beats and use of multiple beats at the same time, which creates the sense of ominous godly presences, and being as if you’re in another world. That also continues the aspect of young geniuses, as this drummer can really smack those lids. This is seriously some of the best drumming I’ve heard in a long time, which isn’t something typically focused on in metal albums.

I feel that if the album had a more impactful climax this would’ve maybe been the album of the year. While there is something quirky and unique about being made with two instruments, I feel like it also heavily limits how hard this album can hit, which is important in atmo sludge. And again, the production job both giveth, and the production job taketh away. While it does go with a unique lo-fi aesthetic, it’s still almost Pure Fucking Armageddon tier, which is seldom ever good, even when intentional for effect. Despite that, this is one of the most unique listening experiences you’ll ever have, and I encourage anyone looking for something new, or just want a good fucking album to check this out. Definitely one of my top albums of the year.


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