Amputory – Ode to Gore ALBUM REVIEW

First off, I’m going to preface this by saying this album is certainly not for everyone. This is ugly, fast, hard hitting, and heavy, the kind of album that you either like or absolutely hate. Ode to Gore is very unapologetic not extremely forgiving to the listening. Personally, this is how I love my death metal. I like it either really technical and melodic, or bash your skull against a wall hard hitting. Obviously, this falls into the latter category (thought about making a cateGOREY pun there, but I actually value my pride). Ode to Gore doesn’t do anything special or spectacular, it just does everything you want in a death metal album, and it does it really well. The only exception to this is the one section in the album that goes into a harmonic minor, that gives off a very middle eastern feel and involves throat singing. I kinda have a boner for throat singing, so that certainly appealed to me greatly. And I will say that there are some pretty damn sick riffs here. But again, beyond that it’s just generally good death metal. As a result however, by doing nothing spectacular, it’s score is inherently not spectacular. Good certainly, but nothing above great. This certainly isn’t easy listening, but to anyone who wants 30 minutes of in your face death metal, this is definitely worth a go.


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