Abiotic – Casuistry ALBUM REVIEW

I really, really wanted to like this. It had a lot of potential, and Nightmares of your Conception, the fifth track of this album, would be in contention for top metal tracks of the year, if I made such a list. And there are times where I get chills, mostly during the sections of immense beauty. That’s actually the main problem with this album. From what i see, the point of this album is contrast between ugliness and beauty, however there never is really a right balance. It’s mostly leans on the ugly side, which isn’t bad, but instead of relying on actual atonal riffs, sort of like Ad Nauseam this year, it relies on deathcore chugging of seemingly tonal neutral chords, and alternating between deep gutteral death vocals, and much higher pitched death vocals, which isn’t necessarily bad, but there really isn’t a rhyme or reason to alternate, it’s seems like it’s more on whim than for a reason. This album had a lot of potential but didn’t deliver, which is really a shame, because there are moments where it’s fantastic, it just isn’t anywhere near consistent.

So I actually went back and analyzed that riff from Nightmares of Conception because I’m a nerd like that. Its actually just noodling around on a Gm11 chord (basically a G minor triad over an F major triad), but what actually makes the riff so great is first that it’s just a really nice sounding chord, and secondly something I typically hate in metal. The core chugging during the riff accents on the off-beats and creates a syncopated, poly-rhythm like effect. So the lesson hear is, if you’re gonna chug, chug as rhythmic counter-point, not to fill space.


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