Крода [Kroda] – Ginnungagap Ginnungagaldr Ginnungakaos ALBUM REVIEW

The first thing that caught my attention were the vocals. Almost like the singer is struggling to get the words out, to the point where there is voice cracking, which is not exactly what I was expecting. It took a bit to get used to, but eventually I settled into the album and all was good. And once you do get used to them, it is a good sounding album. The problem is that once you’ve heard the first two tracks, you’ve basically heard the entire album. Don’t get my wrong, the album is good, it’s just that you can only listen to one song so much before it gets a bit boring, which this album did. It didn’t help that the only break from the main core of the album were acoustic guitar sections, which is about as cliche as you can get in black metal. Basically, this is a good album, it just isn’t anything more than that.


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